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The Muslim American Executive Selection Committee seeks to identify and recommend qualified Muslim Americans to serve in a Biden administration. Our goal is to increase the number of Muslim Americans serving in government at all levels.

Historically, minority communities have been underrepresented in government agencies. Emgage PAC is working to identify and nominate members of our community who are interested in joining the next U.S. administration by launching a Muslim Talent Project program. The new project aims to streamline the process for Muslim Americans interested in serving our nation at all levels of government.


Applicants must be U.S. citizens. While we cannot guarantee placement, we will make every effort towards ensuring the Biden Transition team considers as many qualified American Muslim candidates as possible. We encourage individuals from a broad range of backgrounds and interests to apply. Position experience requirements range from junior to mid-level to senior level.



Please fill out the application form.  Be judicious in the items you choose to submit, consider those that will be the most helpful in supporting the position you are seeking.

“To reach justice, we must uphold equity, and that starts with equal
representation throughout our government.  American Muslims demonstrate
the best in civic engagement through public service.  It is our right
and our duty.”
Salam Al-Marayati, President and Co-founder, Muslim Public Affairs Council

“I have seen first hand the dramatic impact our community can have in
government when talented members are given opportunities to serve at the
highest levels. I encourage all those who are interested in government
service to participate in this effort so our best and brightest can have
such opportunities to serve and to succeed.”
Dr. Mohamed Elsanousi, Executive Director of the Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers

“Change happens from every angle—on the
ground, in the courts and legislatures, and inside the federal
government. In order to effectively advocate for our communities, we
must be represented on all fronts, and at every level of government. It
is imperative that we each find our place in the fight for progress. The
stakes are too high to sit this one out.”
Manar Waheed, Fmr Obama Administration Deputy Policy Director for Immigration and Domestic Policy

“If we truly want to effect change at the local and national levels, we
can’t just be the people protesting outside of the halls of power. We
need to also be the people inside of the halls of power calling the
shots. Both types of change makers are required in a healthy democracy,
and we have let ourselves be relegated to the outside for too long.”
Sara El-Amine Former National Director for President Obama’s 2012 Presidential Transition Inaugural Committee