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Emgage PAC Endorses Sherry Alu Campagna for Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District


August 7, 2018

[PRESS RELEASE] Emgage PAC Endorses Sherry Alu Campagna for Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District

Washington, D.C. – Emgage PAC, the largest Muslim American Federal PAC, has announced its endorsement of Sherry Alu Campagna for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district

Alu Campagna is an advocate for racial justice and environmental issues and has consistently reached out to many residents in her native home of  Hawaii to hear out their concerns and offer creative solutions. As commissioner with the Hawaii’s Commission on the Status of Women and as former Hawaii State Chair of the Women’s March on Washington, Sherry has demonstrated her commitment through substantive contributions to the communities most important projects.

Sherry knows that Hawaii, in particular, is in danger from rising sea levels and fossil fuel dependence. She plans to create an economically sustainable district will encourage job creation and foster a strong economy in Hawaii. Sherry is passionate about the importance of holding this president to account, take on the Muslim Ban, address the gun violence epidemic that leaves every parent scared. The threats in Washington right now are grave, and we have before us a candidate who will meaningfully look out for our best interests in Congress.

“I am proud to receive the endorsement of Emgage PAC,” stated Sherry. “Muslim Americans have a rich history in our country and are a growing, vibrant community in the 2nd district. I’m excited to represent and advocate Muslim Americans and all communities in the district in Congress.”


Emgage PAC advocates for issues and endorses candidates that support civil liberties, minority rights and a diverse America where underrepresented communities are seen as a vital part of the social fabric within the United States. We aim to build strong political support to bring civility to the political discourse and work to ensure that Muslim communities have a voice in our nation’s political dialogue. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Mohamed Gula at (937) 867-7277 or email at