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October 24, 2017




McLean, VA– Emage PAC, the largest Muslim American Federal PAC, has announced its endorsement of Justin Fairfax for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in 2017.

When the original Travel Ban was enforced by President Trump in early 2017, Justin Fairfax was among the people flocking to Dulles International Airport to show their anger and dismay in the new administration’s policies. As a former federal prosecutor and Attorney General of Virginia, Fairfax has stood against and spoken in no uncertain terms against discrimination and racial profiling. To Fairfax, hate crimes are a civil rights issue.

The Travel Ban is not the only position Justin Fairfax has taken in support of minorities in Virginia. With the threat to repeal DACA hovering over the futures of young Americans across the country, Fairfax spoke clearly against this decision, claiming that repealing DACA is “a slap in the face of what it means to be American.” Time and time again, Justin Fairfax has proven to be a support to minority communities in the United States.

“Emgage Pac is proud to support Justin Fairfax in his bid for Lieutenant Governor. He has been a leader in fighting for all Virginians, regardless of their race, religion or background. We can count on Justin Fairfax to protecting our rights and building a safer and stronger Virginia for us all,” said Mohamed Gula, head of Emgage PAC.

“I am humbled and honored to receive the endorsement of EMGAGE,” says Justin Fairfax. “ I am appalled by the way that the current administration is treating Muslims, from the rhetoric throughout the 2016 presidential campaign to multiple attempts at a ‘Muslim travel ban’, it is dangerous, divisive and unamerican. Our first amendment protects our freedom of religion and America was founded on that very principle. We cannot stand by as Muslims have their rights trampled; we must resist. I look forward to working with EMGAGE as an ally for Muslims across the Commonwealth.”

As a bipartisan organization, Emgage PAC supports candidates on both sides of the aisle, and respects diverse opinions on many issues that exist in the Muslim American community. Our mission is to engage and educate Muslim Americans — politically empowering them to make decisions that will better our communities and pave paths for our children to live in a country where they have the same rights as everyone else.

For press inquiries, please contact Mohamed Gula at and/or (937) 867-7277.


Emgage PAC aims to build strong political support to bring civility to the political discourse of the United States and work to ensure that American Muslim communities have a voice in our nation’s political dialogue.