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McLean, VA– Emgage PAC, the largest Muslim American Federal PAC, has announced its endorsement of Attorney General Mark Herring for Reelection in the state of Virginia.

As Attorney General, Mark Herring has shown exceptional integrity and strength in the face of unprecedented national unrest. Following President Trump’s travel ban in February of this year, Herring took a stand against the ban, which targeted immigrants from seven Muslim majority countries. In addition, Herring went to Dulles International Airport to speak out and offer aid in any way he could. In his statement against the travel ban, Herring argued that the executive order put restrictions on the citizens of Virginia. In doing this, he proves he supports the rights of every resident of Virginia, no matter their background or birthplace.

Mark Herring’s time as Attorney General has been a crucial, bringing Virginia to the forefront of progress over the last three years. Herring has fought for integrity over statewide discrimination, proposing new legislation to allow his office to prosecute hate crimes.

“Emgage PAC is proud to support the Attorney General in his bid for reelection. He has been a leader in fighting for all Virginians, regardless of their race, religion or background. We can count on Mark Herring to protecting our rights and building safer and stronger communities,” said Mohamed Gula, head of Emgage PAC.

“In Virginia, we believe that our diversity is one of our greatest strengths and we must be open and welcoming to all if Virginia is to remain one of the best states in America to live, work, and raise a family,” Attorney General Herring said. “I am proud of the support I have received in the Muslim community and I am honored to be endorsed by Emgage PAC. In my second term, I’ll continue to fight for justice, equality, and opportunity for all Virginians.”

As a bipartisan organization, Emgage PAC supports candidates on both sides of the aisle, and respects diverse opinions on many issues that exist in the Muslim American community. Our mission is to engage and educate Muslim Americans — politically empowering them to make decisions that will better our communities and pave paths for our children to live in a country where they have the same rights as everyone else.

For press inquiries, please contact Mohamed Gula at and/or (937) 867-7277.


Emgage PAC aims to build strong political support to bring civility to the political discourse of the United States and work to ensure that American Muslim communities have a voice in our nation’s political dialogue.