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In the Virginia gubernatorial race, Emgage PAC endorses Democratic nominee, Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam for his track record of inclusiveness and strong history with the American Muslim community in Virginia.

McLean, VA– Emage PAC, the largest American Muslim Federal PAC, has announced its endorsement of Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam for Governor of Virginia. Emgage PAC advocates for issues and endorses candidates that support civil liberties, minority rights and a diverse America where underrepresented communities are seen as a vital part of the social fabric in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam has a track record of inclusiveness, understands that Muslims have a rich history in this country, and that Muslims are an essential part of the fabric of America, serving as teachers, doctors, nurses, law enforcement, members of the military, and entrepreneurs. He has a long history of standing with the American Muslim community, even in the face of growing xenophobia and racism.

This week, as billions of Muslims across the globe complete the pilgrimage to Hajj and celebrated Eid Al-Adha,  American Muslims embarked on neighborhood community service projects helping those in need, assisting the hungry and the sick. Recent events like Charlottesville prove that there has never been a more salient time to act and protect the very civil rights that allow us to worship openly and celebrate this holy festival, during which American Muslims reflect on the very principles that guide our faith.  

Ralph Northam fights to protect civil rights for all Americans, and knows that the diverse and vibrant American Muslim community is an asset for our country, and he has proven it. Throughout his campaign, he has stood up to hateful and dangerous rhetoric in Virginia, and has presented comprehensive plans on the issues that American Muslims care about most — helping small businesses succeed, focusing on education, creating jobs, and helping those who need it the most. For all of these reasons, it is clear that with Ralph Northam, American Muslims will have a friend in Virginia.

“Northam will represent all Virginians and will set forth policies of inclusion and equality. Values that are core to Emgage PAC”, says Emgage PAC board member Imran Abbas.

As a bipartisan organization, EmgagePAC supports candidates on both sides of the aisle, and respects diverse opinions on many issues that exist in the Muslim American community. Our mission is to engage and educate Muslim Americans — politically empowering them to make decisions that will better our communities and pave paths for our children to live in a country where they have the same rights as everyone else.


EmgagePAC aims to build strong political support to bring civility to the political discourse of the United States and work to ensure that Muslim communities have a voice in our nation’s political dialogue. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Mohamed Gula at (937) 867-7277 or email at