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Michigan Endorsees 2020

Michigan 2020 General Election Endorsed Candidates

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Bridget McCormack (Michigan Supreme Court)

Birdgete McCormack is running for Michigan Supreme Court Justice. She is focused in upholding the values of the... Read more

Dan Kildee (D-MI- House District 5)

Dan Kildee is running for Michigan’s 5th Congressional district. A lifelong resident of Flint, Dan Kildee has fought... Read more

Brenda Lawrence (D-MI-House District 14)

Brenda Lawrence in running for Michigan’s 14th Congressional district. Raised in the district she represents, Brenda Lawrence has... Read more

Haley Stevens (D-MI- House District 11)

Haley Stevens is running for Michigan’s 11th Congressional district. She has been a strong supporter of human rights,... Read more

Abdullah Hammoud (D-MI State House District 15)

Abdullah Hammoud is running for Michigan State House District 15. His main goals have focused on providing his... Read more

Abraham Aiyash (D-MI- State House District 4)

Abraham Aiyash is running for Michigan State House District 4. A native of the district, Abraham has been... Read more

Elissa Slotkin (D-MI- House District 08)

Elissa is running for Michigan’s 8th Congressional District. She believes there is much to be done to reform... Read more

Jon Hoadley (D-MI- House District 06)

Jon Hoadley is running for Michigan’s 6th Congressional district. Jon fights for a Michigan that invests in people... Read more

Andy Levin (D-MI-9)

Andy Levin is running for Michigan’s 9th Congressional District. A lifelong champion and activist, Andy intends to carry... Read more

Debbie Dingell (D-MI-12)

Debbie Dingell is keen on diligently serving the 12th district in Michigan, and has been a tireless advocate... Read more

Rashida Tlaib (D-MI-13)

Rashida is running as an incumbent for Michigan’s 13th Congressional district. As a lifelong resident of Southwest Detroit,... Read more