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The Muslim Talent Project (MTP) seeks to identify candidates, build a sophisticated resume bank and screen for top talent. Our goal is to increase the number of Muslim Americans serving in government at all levels.

Historically, minority communities have been underrepresented in national political campaigns, in the White House, and in government agencies. Emgage Action is working to identify and nominate members of our community who are interested in working on presidential campaigns and eventually joining the next U.S. administration by launching a Muslim Talent Project program. The new project aims to streamline the process for Muslim Americans interested in serving our nation at all levels of government.


Resumes are welcomed from U.S. citizens seeking to work for, or to volunteer with, the Joe Biden presidential campaign. Emgage PAC cannot guarantee placement, but we will actively engage the campaign to consider onboarding qualified candidates. We encourage applicants from a broad range of backgrounds and interests. Position experience requirements range from junior to mid-level to senior level.


Please fill out this form and attach your resume. There is a place in the online application to upload support materials such as writing samples or published documents.  Be judicious in the items you choose to submit, consider those that will be the most helpful in supporting the position you are seeking.

Helpful Guidelines

  • Include your campaign experience and contributions (including any volunteer work), particularly during the course of this presidential election cycle.
  • Consider including information that describes your work with and ties to the community and other faith communities.  It can be helpful to demonstrate your community ties to potential employers who are looking to hire candidates that represent the country’s diversity.
  • Think through whether your resume is structured to emphasize your strengths in the type of work/appointment that you are seeking.
  • Because evaluators are likely to receive a high number of resumes, make sure your most important information stands out.  Consider condensing your resume or CV to one or two pages so that readers with limited time can still come away with a good picture of you when scanning resumes quickly.