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On the Day of Eid Ul- Adha, Virginia’s Most Prominent Muslim Organizations Endorse Ralph Northam For Governor

Endorsements Cite Ralph’s Track Record Of Inclusiveness And Strong History with the  American Muslim Community In Virginia

Richmond, Va. — Today, two prominent Muslim organizations, EmgagePAC and the American Muslim Women PAC, announced their endorsements of Dr. Ralph Northam to be the next governor of the commonwealth of Virginia on the day of Eid Ul- Adha.

EmgagePAC: Ralph Northam fights to protect civil rights for all Americans, and knows that the diverse and vibrant American Muslim community is an asset for our country, and he has proven it. Throughout his campaign, he has stood up to hateful and dangerous rhetoric in Virginia, and has presented comprehensive plans on the issues that American Muslims care about most — helping small businesses succeed, focusing on education, creating jobs, and helping those who need it the most. For all of these reasons, it is clear that with Ralph Northam, American Muslims will have a friend in Virginia.

American Muslim Women PAC: Mr. Northam’s dedication to improving justice and equality for all Virginia residents is a key factor of this endorsement. Policy proposals and stances such as changing sentencing laws that disproportionately hurt people of color and practices that lead to systematic inequality; working with the Virginia Office of Newcomer Services, which helps immigrant refugee communities gain self-sufficiency and social integration; and his commitment to fight for women’s right to quality and affordable healthcare are only a few of the many reasons the AMC PAC believes Ralph Northam is the only choice for Governor in Virginia.

“I’m honored to accept the endorsements of EmgagePAC and the American Muslim Women PAC, who have worked tirelessly to advance inclusion and diversity in the commonwealth of Virginia,” said Dr. Ralph Northam. “As an elected official, again and again I stood up against efforts to divide us and stigmatize immigrant communities. I look forward to working with EmgagePAC and AMW PAC to further our shared values of inclusion and equality for all Virginians.”

Ed Gillespie, who is positioned himself to be Donald Trump’s top lobbyist in Virginia, “has loyally supported” Trump on the Muslim ban and has not condemned Trump’s divisive and hateful rhetoric in regards to Charlottesville. While Ed rubber stamps Trump’s harmful policies, Ralph will be a brick wall against any attempts to undermine equality and divide our commonwealth. Ralph will fight to increase opportunities for all Virginians — no matter who you are or where you’re from.