Endorsement Criteria

About the endorsement

Emgage PAC is a national political action committee that provides support to candidates for public office based on their policy positions on a diverse set of issues that are important to the Muslim American community. From combating hate, to supporting social justice, to protecting human rights abroad, Muslim Americans seek to elect those who share our values and support for an inclusive and pluralistic America. Emgage PAC judges candidates based on what they stand for rather than their faith, skin color, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.

What is the evaluation process?

The evaluation process includes three key steps:

Overall Viability

Officials seeking an Emgage PAC endorsement or financial support are assessed based on their viability as a candidate as well as their track record on key issues. Some of the factors that contribute to our decision-making include: support from key Muslim constituencies in district, polling (if polling is available), previous public service experience, voting history or position on key issues, support from key constituencies in their district, voter turnout strategy and capacity, notable endorsements, fundraising, and established public record on issues of importance to the Muslim American community.

Candidate Questionnaire

Our questionnaire is developed and refined on an ongoing basis through regular engagement with our members, stakeholder communities, policy experts, as well as public surveys. They include but are not limited to a candidate’s commitment to: combating Islamophobia, supporting anti-hate crime measures, ending ethnic and religious-based profiling by law enforcement or government agencies, repealing the Muslim and African travel bans, supporting expanded and affordable healthcare, uplifting criminal justice reform, addressing police brutality and supporting a foreign policy that promotes human rights, especially in regards to countries where the rights and religious freedom of Muslims are at risk.

For candidates that are interested in our endorsement, they may contact us at info@emgageaction.org.

Candidate Interview

A completed Emgage PAC questionnaire is sufficient for an endorsement request unless otherwise determined by the state or national PAC teams. One-on-one interviews and/or candidate forums are also utilized to make final decisions in key high-profile races.