Emgage PAC Endorses Abdullah Hammoud for Dearborn Mayor

Abdullah Hammoud is running for Dearborn Mayor; if he wins, he will make history as Dearborn’s first Muslim Mayor. Hammoud has been serving the community since 2017 as State Representative of the 15HD representing Dearborn. During his tenure, he secured 200 million dollars for small businesses and workers who were hit hard during the pandemic, 10 million for public schools dollars, and he vehemently advocated for climate change holding companies like AK steel and nestle accountable. 

“Abdullah Hammoud is not just the Muslim candidate, but the candidate for this job. Emgage PAC has worked closely with Rep. Hammoud these past four years and we witnessed his commitment, love, and dedication to his community. Emgage PAC Michigan is proud to endorse Abdullah Hammoud for Dearborn Mayor because we are confident he will continue to be a tough advocate for Dearborn’s most marginalized citizens.”

Emgage PAC is the first and largest Muslim American federal political action committee. It is a bipartisan, national political action committee that supports state and federal candidates based on their support for civil rights, minority rights, and a diverse America. The committee has endorsed and financially supported candidates across the country that espouse such values. Further, the committee produces a variety of voter-education products, including candidate profiles and endorsement cards, in the service of educating and engaging local communities in voting processes. In 2018, Emgage PAC helped elect 138 candidates to local, state, and national office. Emgage PAC has national headquarters in Washington, D.C., with five state chapters (Florida, Michigan, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania), and  affiliate partners in California, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, and Ohio.