Candi King

State House

Delegate Candi King is the incumbent for House District 23. She was first elected to the House in a special election in January 2021, and she was re-elected in November 2021 for a full term. Professionally, she has worked as a nonprofit program manager and in community relations. Delegate King has also worked as an education advocate for special needs parents and a volunteer at Freedom High School, a local public school.

Emgage PAC could always count on Delegate King on being a vocal voice for Muslim American issues in Richmond. Delegate King spoke against Islamophobic legislation as well as legislation that infringed on the right of Americans to boycott and divest. Emgage PAC has no doubt that Delegate King will continue her work to create healthier, more sustainable communities in upcoming legislative sessions. She will expand on past legislative victories, including funding for sustainable food production systems, to efforts to electrify public transit, increase green building, and improve clean energy investments. As a champion for the working class, Delegate King is focused on delivering high-impact climate, community-based solutions for all.