Dr. Letitia Plummer

City Council

On behalf of Emgage PAC, we are pleased to endorse Dr. Letitia Plummer for a second term serving as a City of Houston Council Member in At-Large Position Four. Throughout her first term, Council Member Plummer has been a staunch advocate for policies that increase equity and equality in Houston. Her dedication to fairness and reducing disparities Houstonians face is clear in her support for minority businesses, infrastructure programs that prioritize underserved neighborhoods, fair transportation access, environmental justice, and tenants’ rights and improving housing habitability. We also recognize and appreciate her holistic, community-focused approach to public safety and criminal justice that values crime prevention as much as crime response. 

Furthermore, when Houston has faced disasters, such as the pandemic or Winter Storm Uri, Council Member Plummer has shown up to take care of communities in need. Her commitment to Houstonians was clear not only in our conversations with her, but in her actions. Emgage PAC Texas also applauds Council Member Plummer for uplifting Houston’s professional Muslim community through her efforts advocating for for Muslim employees to receive accommodations empowering them to celebrate Eid. We are further grateful for how she has ensured Emgage and the Muslim Americans we represent have a seat at the table during key policy decisions.

Council Member Plummer has amply demonstrated that she understands the problems Houston’s diverse communities face, and understands how to move solutions to those problems forward. Emgage PAC Texas looks forward to congratulating her on a second term – and seeing what more she will accomplish.

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