RELEASE: Emgage PAC, Largest Muslim American Political Action Committee, Endorses Senator Bernie Sanders for President

Washington, D.C. – Emgage PAC, the largest Muslim American federal political action committee, endorses Senator Bernie Sanders for the 2020 presidential elections.

“It is an honor to receive this endorsement from Emgage Action,” said Senator Bernie Sanders. “While Donald Trump has demonized our Muslim communities, our movement is working to bring Muslims and people of all backgrounds into the political system. Together we will create an economy, justice system and immigration system that are rooted in human rights for all.”  

“Emgage PAC is thrilled to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for President. More than any other presidential candidate, Senator Sanders has built a historically inclusive and forward-thinking movement: one that represents America as a set of ideas grounded in the belief that all humans are equal and worthy of a dignified life. Our endorsement is intended to galvanize Muslim Americans at the polls to ensure that our voices are heard. Furthermore, we hope that this  endorsement marks a new era of presidential candidates including Muslim American voices in the political process and policy-making decisions. We are confident that a Sanders’ administration will do precisely that. We are proud to stand by his side in 2020.” –Wa’el Alzayat, CEO of Emgage PAC

On August 31st, 2019, Emgage co-hosted a presidential forum at an annual convention hosted by the Islamic Society of North America, featuring Senator Bernie Sanders. We believe that Senator Sanders has consistently been an ally of Muslim American and minority communities, and has held his commitment over the years to promoting justice for vulnerable populations, domestically and abroad.

Emgage PAC conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the presidential candidates as part of this endorsement process with a focus on transparency, consensus, and accountability. We surveyed our broad membership, questioned the candidates, and fact-checked responses. Candidates were questioned on their positions surrounding issues including but not limited to the Muslim ban, mass incarceration, climate change and the enviornment, protection of freedom of speech, and defending human rights.  

Emgage PAC is the first Muslim American federal political action committee. It is a bipartisan, national political action committee that supports state and federal candidates based on their support for civil rights, minority rights, and a diverse America. The committee has endorsed and financially supported candidates across the country that espouse such values. Further, the committee produces a variety of voter-education products, including candidate profiles and endorsement cards, in the service of educating and engaging local communities in voting processes. In 2018, Emgage PAC helped elect 138 candidates to local, state, and national office. Emgage PAC has national headquarters in Washington, D.C., with five state chapters (Florida, Michigan, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania), and  affiliate partners in California, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, and Ohio.